Florida Congresswoman ‘absolutely believes’ UFOs ‘not of human origin’

A Florida Congresswoman says she believes that some of the UFO sightings that have made headlines in recent years are ‘of non-human origin’ and possibly ‘inter-dimensional beings.’

Rep Anna Paulina Luna is a member of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, which has been investigating claims about UFOs and carrying out historic hearings with military whistleblowers.

She revealed to The Grant Mitt Podcast this week that after a classified meeting with Air Force whistleblowers, she ‘absolutely believes’ that the aircrafts they and others have described are ‘of non-human origin.’

Luna also claimed that at that same meeting she was ‘men-in-blacked,’ first by officials from the Pentagon who attempted to cancel the visit, and then by CIA agents who were inexplicably shadowing her meeting with the Air Force personnel.

Representatives Matt Gaetz (left), Tim Burchett (center), and Anna Paulina Luna (right) recently traveled to Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, Representative Luna said. There, they received classified information about UFOs from a whistleblower

Her phrase referred to the pop-culture conspiracy-theory image of government agents in black suits, who are sent to keep people quiet about UFO sightings. 

‘Being a member of Oversight, we follow up with whistleblowers, and we also can conduct our own investigations,’ she told Mitterlehner.

In the course of one of these investigations, she said, Luna and two other US representatives went to Eglin Air Force Base, on the Florida panhandle, where they met with one such whistleblower.

The other two representatives who came along on the visit were Tim Burchett of Tennessee, who is also a member of the Oversight and Accountability Committee, and Matt Gaetz of Florida, who is on the House Armed Services Committee and the House Judiciary Committee.

She came away from that visit with strong conclusions: 

‘I can tell you, based on my investigations, not in a classified setting, that I absolutely believe that there is things that are advanced technologies not of human origin,’ she told Mitterlehner. 

Luna claimed that the Pentagon tried to cancel her visit to Eglin Air Force Base, which she made as part of a delegation to investigate whistleblower claims that the Air Force was covering up information about UFOs

Her view is increasingly shared among lawmakers and the American public, as a series of high-profile disclosures and hearings in the last few years have brought UFOs out of the conspiracy theory realm and into the arena of political debate.

Luna, Gaetz, and others have pressed the Pentagon to declassify material related to UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena). 

Pilots at Eglin had come forward to Representative Gaetz’s office to say that the Air Force was covering up UAP activity, and that Congress needed to look into it.

‘We coordinated the meeting,’ Luna said. ‘The Pentagon tried to initially cancel the first one. We got it back on the books. We show up there, and we get in, and the base commander tried to basically tell us that we didn’t have authorized clearance to look into and speak to some of the witnesses.

US Representative Anna Paulina Luna could not disclose classified details from her meeting with military officials at Eglin, but she told Grant Mitterlehner that she ‘absolutely believes’ the footage of UAPs are ‘not of human origin.’

‘You don’t tell Congress that we don’t have the authorized clearance,’ she said, ‘especially members of House Armed Services, Oversight, and Judiciary.’

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David Grusch – a former high-ranking intelligence official – is one of three military whistleblowers who testified under oath that they know firsthand about secret programs involving technology far surpassing the US’ capabilities

So she had it out with the base commander, Luna said. And in the middle of the meeting, he took off on leave, ‘Which never happens with a delegation going to a military base,’ she added.

There were also attendees at the meeting who Luna was ‘pretty sure’ were from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), an unusual occurrence.

‘Why would a intelligence agency need to be there on a meeting for whistleblowers?’ she asked.

Luna also spoke about the congressional hearing from July 2023, where whistleblower David Grusch outlined under oath how the US government has been aware of UFOs for nearly a century and has been misinforming the public about them. 

That hearing, which followed Luna’s visit to Eglin, contained information she found ‘particularly alarming,’ because of the allegations that people may have been murdered to keep the UFO story secret.

‘Have you received classified information?’ Mitterlehner asked Luna.

‘Yeah, but I can’t talk about that,’ she replied

When asked about whether she had believed in aliens before she became a member of congress, Luna corrected the record.

‘I wouldn’t call them aliens,’ she said. ‘I really like what Grusch calls them: He says that they’re inter-dimensional beings, and he’s very specific about that.’

This still image is from a previously released unclassified US government video taken by an Air Force pilot. Representative Luna said that pilots no longer feel as hesitant to speak up when they see unexplained phenomena in the sky

What this means, Luna clarified, was that ‘they’re not necessarily a biological entity from another planet per se.’

The case she alluded to was likely the one from last year, in which Gaetz had described seeing footage of ‘an orb’ hanging over the Gulf of Mexico, moving in a way that was ‘not of any human capability.’

He saw the footage during a visit to Eglin AFB, where Air Force pilots described a diamond formation of aircrafts that they saw on radar.

 ‘One of the pilots goes to check out that diamond formation and sees a large, floating, what I can only describe as an orb,’ he said at the time. ‘Again, like I said, not of any human capability that I’m aware of.’

She talked, too, about what a huge change the country has experienced in recent years, away from the stigma that used to be attached to talking about extraterrestrial beings or UFOs.

‘When I was stationed at Portland Air Guard unit a number of years ago, I remember there was a incident that occurred, and the pilots kind of back and I asked one of them what he thought it was, and he couldn’t really talk about it,’ she recounted. ‘He didn’t want to because the stigma that the military has is that you’re crazy.

‘But we’re seeing that with, especially technology that we have, even your iPhone for example, you can record things and it’s not going to be classified.’

‘We hope that more people come forward,’ she added.

Luna also noted how she is heartened by the bipartisan push for transparency on the topic, which makes it ironic that other government officials or offices seem to be blocking her and her colleagues’ efforts to learn what is happening with UAPs.

‘If congress is writing the bills to fund these programs, yet we don’t have authorized access and oversight into it, then that’s not necessarily something that happens in a free country, right?’ she said. ‘So we continue to push.’

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