Is This A UFO? Outright Spooky Scene Caught On Video

What the hell is this?

Italian residents in Milan are in complete confusion after a strange ring of lights were seen in the sky. Video published on social media showed the ring in thick clouds above the legendary city.

Some are speculating it’s potentially a UFO, while others are giving more simple explanations, saying the lights were Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites. (RELATED: Outright Unbelievable Video Shows A UFO Crash That Looks Like It’s Straight Out Of A Bad Sci-Fi Movie)

Well, apparently it was a light show from a Christmas village in Milan that created the visual in the sky, according to the Daily Mail. The lights were shot up using powerful lasers, but my whole thing is … why the creepy look? And why on earth does this sighting look eerily close to the lights that were spotted in Morocco — the ones seen just before the country was hit with an earthquake?

I don’t know … this story might have a “simple explanation,” but Lord have mercy, this whole thing is weird as hell.


Cielo di #Milano 27/12/2023 Fenomeno strano Luci del cielo #Alieni #UFO #milano_oggi #ميلانو اضواء غريبة في سماء ميلانو الليلة 27/12/2023

— Kerolos Helmy (@KerolosKest) December 27, 2023

It might have just been lasers, but I still can’t get over how bizarre everything is around this whole thing (like with the Morocco similarity), and Milan residents seem to think the same thing.

Laser shows, earthquake lights (like, really, what the hell is an earthquake light?), we always got an explanation for everything. But I’m personally not taking any chances. These UFO sightings got me over here like …

Aliens ain’t probing me! Nope!

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