Nobel prize nominee ‘100pc certain’ aliens on earth as Biden signs new UAP legislation

President Biden has signed legislation which will reveal some ‘technologies of unknown origin and non-human intelligence’ to the public over a period of 25 years.

With this in mind as 2023 draws to a close, it is worth revisiting the words of Nobel prize nominee, Dr Garry Nolan, from his talk at the Salt Expo in New York earlier this year when he spoke about the UAP reality facing humanity.

Dr Nolan is a Professor in Pathology at Stanford University, where he works in bio threat, cancer and virology. He studies the immune systems and related technologies, having established numerous companies.

Dr Nolan has also been hired by the US Government to study the impact of UFOs on human health. He discussed the reality of non-human intelligence and the probability of an alien arrival already on earth.

“100 pc probability. That’s not my opinion. AARO (All domain Anomaly Resolution Office) has been established to collect all of the information across all intelligence office into a uniform format. It hasn’t just visited it has been here a long time and it is still here. The wow signal is that people see it on a regular basis,” Dr Nolan said.

The award winning scientist with an Irish surname updated the public on this fundamental issue and detailed what he thinks humanity is facing on an ongoing basis.

Dr Nolan at Salt expo in NYC

“Whistle blowers have created quite a hornet’s nest in Washington. The most compelling evidence is just look at what the Government is doing. What are they basing their opinions on? It’s dozens of individuals talking in classified settings.

“My personal experience is with people who are working on the reverse engineering programs of downed craft. If they are so advanced why are they crashing? Because what is crashing is not living things.

“If you wanted to study a tribe of cannibals in the Amazon are you going to go yourself and not become dinner? If you are advanced, you are not going to put your life at risk. What we are seeing here is drones or advanced A.I.

“We already have it in our emails, we are dealing with an alien intelligence. Chat GPT nobody knows what it is doing,” Dr Nolan said.

Dr Nolan’s statements are undoubtedly consequential as we face into the new year, with reports of looming AI job threats and the erosion of human cognitive ability.

“A grain of silicone changed our world. We have multiple sensor systems track these objects from 50 feet above water up to 14 miles and back in less than a second.

“That is a truth. The US Government has confirmed these measurements. They are careful what they say; ‘we have no evidence of ET,’ well because no ET will walk in and say hello.

“You need to read between the lines. It does stuff we can’t do. The Russians and Chinese are not doing it. If you can go from zero to 5,000 mph and take a right turn without being squished like a bug, what is the physics? We need to re-think our physics.

Alleged UAP seen over Ireland (social media)

“Will we be able to do it in 1,000 years? A tiny piece of that knowledge could revolutionize what we are doing. How do we use it? 100 pc the material is there.

“Data convinces a scientist. The data is real, irrespective of the conclusions. Believe the data.”

Dr Nolan was asked to provide a potential hypothesis about UFOs and he pointed out something which does not receive enough attention in society in general.

“I think it is an advanced intelligence that uses intermediaries- can you see what is in front of you for what it really is? The south American native tribes didn’t see the Spanish ships on the horizon for what it was.

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“Who amongst you are intelligent enough to realize? You just need to show yourself enough to acculturate. They have been around a long time. They are affecting our culture.

“It is thought our important religions have been part of this process. Many scientists are working on this. We have used the threat narrative. This is today. They are showing up around our ships. It’s okay to talk about this. We created laws to open the sensor systems.

“We are writing policy papers for Governments. This is a slow release process. The material needs to be published and not behind the scenes anymore. The intel community is frustrated because the best scientists haven’t been working on this.

“We need to bring together anthropologists and sociologists , to talk about that we are not at the top of the intellectual food chain, how do you deal with the religions? We know the Vatican is involved. I am working with people involved with that aspect.

“There is something here,” Dr Nolan concluded.

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