Bright red diamond-shaped ‘UFO’ glowing over Russia resembles a hologram

A ‘UFO’ shaped like a diamond allegedly spotted glowing brightly over Russia is being compared to all sorts of things – even a hologram.

TikTok has become the breeding ground for rumors and speculations surrounding so-called UFO sightings across the world and random claims about the possible existence of “aliens.” Fueling already existing speculations is an alleged sighting in Russia showing an unidentified object shining so bright, just like an actual diamond!

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Diamond-shaped ‘UFO’ allegedly spotted over Russia

An anonymous video on TikTok depicts a supposed UFO filmed cruising in the sky in Russia and it isn’t like any you’ve ever seen before.

The unidentified flying object is shaped just a diamond and bright red in color as it glows in the evening sky.

The unverified footage captures the object from a distance before zooming in to reveal its actual form and the light it’s emitting is so bright that it can burn your eyes if you continue to stare.

The same object flying midair appears to be highlighted by a golden hue for a brief moment, but it’s hard to tell if it’s a camera illusion, should the recording be real, or if the alleged spacecraft itself is changing its color.

As the video lacks a source of origin, it’s safe to assume the object it displays isn’t real, unless proven otherwise. Furthermore, there aren’t any official reports fitting the above description of a spacecraft.

TikTok users think it’s a hologram

TikTok users have suggested different theories to support the alleged object in Russia shaped like a diamond aside from it being a UFO.

One commented: “Hologram projected into the sky.”

“Dang it. Sorry guys my Rubik’s cube ran away again,” joked another.

Another wrote: “You guys are so silly that’s just the Minecraft sun.”

One asked: “Is that a Halls cough drop.” While another suggested: “It’s highly out of focus could be anything”

Rumors about aliens are on the rise

In the last couple of months, social media has been dominated by discussions surrounding aliens and UFOs, thanks to wild claims by UFO enthusiasts and ufologists who are determined to prove there is life beyond the planet we inhabit.

While incidents like the viral 911 call by the Las Vegas family about “aliens” in their backyard are quite popular, we also brought to the lesser-know yet intriguing news such as the six pictures released by a Japanese group claiming to show creatures that don’t belong to Earth.

In addition to the above, we have made a compilation of more wild rumors, theories, and reports around the same topic that might interest you.

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