Mr Penniston said that after one of the coordinates led to a series of locations, he realised they may not be aliens after all, but something both shocking and hopeful.

USAF Sergeant Jim Penniston

USAF Sergeant Jim Penniston spotted the UFO whilst on duty in the UK (Image: Daily Star)

A UFO hunter has said he received a cryptic message from the future during a dramatic alien encounter.

USAF sergeant Jim Penniston claims that he touched a UFO during an incident which has been described as the UK’s equivalent of the Roswell Incident.

He says he was left with a “message from the future” implanted in his brain afterwards.

Mr Penniston was on duty at RAF Woodbridge when the incident happened in December 1980 when a series of unexplained lights were spotted nearby in Rendlesham Forest.

That night Mr Penniston went to investigate and was shocked by what he found.

Sign by runways saying Welcome to RAF Bentwaters Suffolk England

Originally Mr Bentwaters and his colleagues thought the UFO might have been from RAF Bentwaters (Image: Getty)

The Daily Star reported that Mr Penniston was one of several personnel to see the lights and at first they believed it may have been Russian interference.

Podcaster Andrew Gentile explained: “Staff sergeant Jim Penniston was the on-duty flight Chief at Woodbridge.

“He grabbed airman Edward Cabansag and they headed to the east gate to get a clear picture of the situation.”

Another theory was that the UFO was an aircraft from RAF Bentwaters, but they realised they had not heard the sound of a crash.

Sculpture at Rendlesham UFO trail, Rendlesham forest, Suffolk, England, UK

A monument to the sighting in Rendlesham (Image: Getty)

When they came to the site, Mr Penniston said they found an aircraft “of unknown origin” which had hieroglyphics on its “triangular” and “smooth” outer shell.

Mr Penniston added that it had blue, white, and red lights. Alongside his description of the craft were pages of ones and zeroes similar to those found in binary code.

According to Mr Gentile, Mr Penniston said the code was “information downloaded to me from the UFO” as he said he had no idea how he had got the information.

Mr Gentile added: “Jim was asked if it was binary code, but he didn’t know what that was. So they sent the numbers to a computer expert to see if there was anything to it.”

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Mr Penniston's notebook with a message from the future

Mr Penniston’s notebook with a message from the future (Image: YouTube)

The expert reportedly said that the code was a “message from the future”.

The message, once decoded, reportedly read: “Exploration of humanity continuous… continuous for planetary advance. Eyes of our eyes. Origin year 8100.”

Next to the message were a series of coordinates for specific places around the world including Caracol in Brazil, the Great Pyramid of Giza, Sedona in Arizona, USA, Mount Taishan in China alongside Peru’s Nazca Lines, and the Temple of Apollo in Greece.

Also listed is a mysterious part of Ireland.


    The area in question is a part of the sea west of Ireland listed as “The Origin”, an area roughly the size of “Hy Brasil” a mythical island that doesn’t yet exist.

    Mr Gentile said: “All of the locations in the binary code are known as highly spiritual places, but they’ve also been called portals to other dimensions or to other planes of reality.”

    It is because of this that Mr Penniston does not believe the UFO was aliens, but humans from the future.

    Mr Gentile said: “Jim Penniston doesn’t think the Rendlesham UFO was extraterrestrial. He thinks it was us. He thinks this was a message from humans from 6,000 years in the future.”