Washington Man Shares Insane UFO Story From The 1960s

An OutKick reader has provided me with exclusive details of an incredible alleged UFO story.

As readers of the site know, covering UFO sightings, the paranormal, the unexplainable and anything in that world is something we enjoy doing here.

Do I have all the answers? No. Do I think a lot of it is ridiculous and to be treated with a grain of salt? Absolutely, but we do have videos released by the military and random people that raise a lot of questions.

There have also been plenty of stories with incredible intricate and specific details. Many of the most interesting claims center around UFO sightings near military bases. Following an article about a video allegedly existing of a UFO taking down a missile during a test, a man reached out to me with a UFO story of his own from the summer of 1965 in Washington.

During an exchange with the man, I found him to be rational and credible as much as you can without knowing someone incredibly well. His story wasn’t overly dramatic, filled with nonsense or anything like that. 

The reader did not want his name published, and just asked to be identified as a member of a family that “farmed on a bluff overlooking a portion of the Columbia River flowing past the Ringold area and could also see the sand dunes on the AEC reservation across the river at Ringold in Block 15 of the South Columbia Basin Irrigation District.”

Reader shares incredible UFO story.

“In the summer of 1965, my parents and my sister – 3 years my senior – witnessed an uncounted presence of UFOs at an area of Hanford’s (Washington state) Atomic Energy Commission at night.  My recollection – validated by my sister’s congruent recollection – was approximately 100 hovering and glowing capsular objects randomly distributed across several hundred acres of Hanford’s shrub-steppe lands.  They remained glowing for hours and never changed in intensity from their yellowish glow,” the man explained to me.

Pretty fascinating claim, and it matches up with other sightings around military locations and sensitive sites, which sparked him to reach out.

He further added that another local farming family had seen the same and added, “Our family farmed across the Columbia River from the Hanford AEC reservation and at a higher elevation, so we had a bird’s eye view of the events that night. There were no vehicles with tail lights or headlights active the entire time of several hours. We watched through binoculars for at least 3 hours. Another farm family that reported the event lived/farmed on the opposite side of the AEC lands and they, too, had the advantage of elevation. I had recalled their details correctly as I read their accounting in the local newspaper.”

The OutKick reader also said there were reports at the time that one of the objects allegedly blocked a “young couple that had been to dinner and a movie in the Tri-Cities” on their way home.

OutKick reader shares UFO story. (Credit: Getty Images)

“I remember they were very frightened and the object was quite large and the capsular object hovered a few feet off the ground and made no sound.  If they tried to drive around it, it moved to block their path.  As I recall, this ‘stalemate’ occurred for quite some time and then it rose and took off at an extremely high rate of speed; all without any sound.”

He noted the situation wasn’t a secret in totality, but “My parents had us be quiet about it.  My father had served in the USN on the USS Larson destroyer and he was very familiar with how night flares worked to light up an area.  These hovering lights never moved and did not extinguish after a time like flares and again, there was zero sign of any human vehicular activities in the area.”

“Unfortunately, because my father had farming duties early the next morning, he retired to get some sleep, so he did not witness the glowing objects leave the area or know how much longer they remained.  We never saw them again,” the farmer from Washington claimed.

OutKick shares wild UFO story from 1965 in Washington. (Credit: Getty Images)

Interestingly, he also noted that to his knowledge, there was no early warning system that picked up the objects and at least one appeared to be flying at a level that defied known technology in use in the 1960s.

“There are additional details regarding one steady red light that we saw heading airborne in a NNE direction at an extremely high rate of speed at a height about 1/2 the way up in front of the face of Rattlesnake Mountain (3600’ high and treeless) and my father commented there’s no jet in existence that can travel at that speed.  We had an estimation of distance because it disappeared behind the two peaks of Gable Mountain on the AEC reservation and appeared again for a short time still on the same trajectory.  It covered this distance in about 10 seconds.  Again, nothing was reported seen on radar by the military early-warning radar bases in Othello.  And that light was traveling in that direction. It was a steady red light and not intermittent,” the reader further explained.

Now, is this man, who is simply identified as a former Washington farmer, remembering everything perfectly? Much like many UFO stories it’s impossible to know for sure, but I’ll repeat that I didn’t find him crazy at all. In fact, I found his assessment and recollection to be interesting and not at all off the rails.

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