UFO Film Just Had Its Authenticity Confirmed

Pilot Jorge A. Arteaga was swooping through the skies above Antioquia, Colombia, when he spotted something strange in his path which stopped him in his tracks.

In broad daylight, a strange dark object can be seen suddenly emerging through the clouds thousands of feet in the air and zooming past the cockpit of the small plane he was flying.

The quick-thinking pilot incredibly juggled his controls with his camera to capture the extraordinary moment which subsequently went viral as he and his co-pilot watched in awe.

As it got closer to Arteaga, the mysterious flying object became clearer in view and appeared to be light in colour, pointy at the front and round at the back.

Arteaga said that the object had initially been stationary and then seemed to float in the air between Medellín and Santa Fe, before it drastically picked up speed and beelined towards them.

His co-pilot had also spotted the object and kept an eye on it as it approached their aircraft.

Arteaga reportedly manoeuvred the plane to follow the UFO, claiming that it didn’t look or behave like a balloon, drone or plane – although he didn’t manage to track it down.

After starting to ‘hunt’ the flying object, the dad is said to have grown alarmed when it started moving towards them and he abandoned the search in fear.

He reckons that it would have been too cold and too turbulent for it to be a balloon, as he says it would have popped or blown away at 12,500 feet in the air while that close to another aircraft – but the jury’s still out on what exactly it was.

Watch the 22 second video at LADBible

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