They Say That This Is The ‘Best UFO Footage Ever’ [Video]


A video of an unidentified flying object (UFO) has gone viral on social media, with many calling it the “best UFO footage ever”.

Pilot Jorge A. Arteaga captured the footage while flying over Antioquia, Colombia in 2022. It shows an unidentified object, which resembles a balloon, zooming past very clearly.

It’s a showstopper as it is unlike any UFO footage out there – not so grainy and shaky, which really throws into question the idea of aliens visiting or spies with advanced tech checking you out.

According to Arteaga, the UFO was not a balloon of any type, a drone, or any known object to him. He reckons the aeroplane was too high, and the temperature was too cold for a balloon to float freely.

Arteaga spoke out about the clip after it was shared online, with Mexican ufologist Jaime Maussan confirming the video’s authenticity, per LadBible. Swipe to catch the video:

In an interview with Maussan, Arteaga said the object was initially stationary and appeared to float in the air between Medellín and Santa Fe. His co-pilot also spotted the object, watching it as it approached the aircraft and saying it was “something totally unknown without means of propulsion with movements that he considers intelligent”.

Maussan also thanked retired Pilot Lieutenant Ryan Graves for analysing and validating the clip alongside him, which brought them both to the conclusion that it was a ‘UAP anomalous object’ – in other words, a UFO.

Maussan shared a snippet of his interview with Arteaga and wrote: “We are facing one of the greatest UAP (UFO) evidences of all time; captured by the Captain Pilot Aviator @JorgeArteagaG.”

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Although, Maussan is the guy who famously unveiled the two ‘alien corpses’ in Mexico last year so actually, having him throw his weight behind this footage isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

Anyway, Joe Rogan also picked up the fascinating footage:

It should be noted, too, that calling something like this a UFO or UAP just means the object is unidentifiable and not necessarily an alien ship from outer space.

This saucer thingy could just be an ‘aeromanta’, a type of stingray that hitch-hikes on upward-lifting air currents, confusing pilots on the way to wherever they go.

Either way, isn’t life fun?


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