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Chaneques are like fairies and goblins, known in many stories. In Mexico, some people say they’ve seen them. Two teachers from England looked into these stories in the 1970s. They talked to sixteen people in Veracruz who claimed to have met these beings, either directly or through their families. One woman said her son Ramiro, who was three and a half years old, disappeared one day in March 1973 from their home in La Tinaja village. They searched for six days with no luck. Then, a six-year-old neighbor said the Chaneques told him Ramiro was safe ten miles away in a cave. When they found Ramiro there, he was healthy, not hungry or thirsty. The cave entrance was hard to reach, and the researchers got scratches and bruises. But Ramiro, who had no shoes, had no marks on him. He said he got lost playing by the river and was found by five little men. They gave him milk and sweets. One of them stayed with him until he woke up in the cave. They played until he was rescued.

Ricardo Gutierrez had a scary experience in June 1970 when his six-year-old grandson, Arturo, disappeared while they were walking in the forest. The boy didn’t come back, and Gutierrez got arrested for his murder. But after waiting for thirty-three days for the trial, Arturo just showed up at home looking fine and happy. When asked where he’d been, he said he lived with little men who gave him food and played with him. Local police confirmed Arturo’s strange disappearance and reappearance. Then, on May 22, 1973, at 8 a.m., Manuel Angel Gonzalez was driving his truck when he saw five small figures on the road. He thought they were kids, so he stopped just in time to avoid hitting them. But as he looked closer, he saw they were actually six-foot-tall adults with light brown skin and black hair. They appeared out of nowhere on the road. Gonzalez got out of his truck and approached them, but they got scared and ran away into the woods. When he looked back, he saw his truck engulfed in blue flames and destroyed within half an hour, even though nobody could explain how it happened. Gonzalez thought these beings were not Chaneques but “space travelers from another planet” because Chaneques didn’t usually cause destruction for no reason.

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