Pilot saw UFO “twice the size of a city” during flight over Mexico

An airline pilot claims he saw a “UFO twice the size of a city” while flying over Mexico. Arturo Saucedo recounted his experience in this video for the No Es Contra Ti podcast.

En route to California, Saucedo claims he noticed strange lights over Queretaro in central Mexico. “Suddenly, we were plunged into total darkness with only the panels lit up,” he said on the podcast.

“I then saw a beam of light that I first thought was something from Starlink as I had seen some images about Elon Musk’s company, basically a line of satellites that shine brightly in the sky.”

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Despite the fact that the strange flying item was 35,000 below him, Saucedo was alarmed by how large it was, even from a big distance away. “I should clarify that a UFO is not necessarily alien, it is an unidentified flying object,” he continued. “We are used to seeing things that are common to see, but this was not at all common.”

Along with his flight captain, Saucedo decided to report the sighting. However, he was informed that there was no satellite launches scheduled for that day. The pilot, though, is conviced that the technology is human and not otherworldly in nature.

It was “human technology, some type of American technology that they didn’t report,” he said. While observing the anomalous object, Saucedo said “it started moving quickly to the right.”

So quick was the supposed UFO that it flew towards the Gulf of Mexico “in a minute, minute and a half” before disappearing from sight.

There has been no confirmation on what the pilot alleges to have witnessed was. It may, like so many other UFO sightings, remain a mystery.

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