‘Best ever UFO footage’ on film has authenticity ‘confirmed’

People are flooding to social media in debate over footage of a UFO which has seemingly been verified by a ufologist.

You may not be allowed to use your phone while driving a car, but after spotting a UFO, a pilot of a small plane decided to reach for his camera to snap a photograph from miles in the air.

The video soon became widespread on social media and branded as the ‘best UFO footage ever’, and a ufologist has since weighed in on the validity of the clip.

Pilot Jorge A. Arteaga was around 12,500 feet in the sky above Antioquia, Colombia when he saw a disc-shaped, silver object heading towards his aircraft.

Arteaga managed to capture the moment the object came flying past his window at great speed, the video capturing the propeller of the small aircraft below.

As the object gets closer to the camera, you can see it’s round at the back but pointy at the front and quite light in color.

So what on Earth – or outside of Earth – could it be?

Do you think the object is a sign of aliens? Credit: Pexels/ Lucas Pezeta

Well, both Arteaga and his co-pilot saw the strange object and decided to follow it.

In zooming after the object, they claim they found it didn’t behave like they would expect another aircraft too, nor drone or balloon.

The pair even sat down for an interview with Mexican journalist, TV personality and ufologist José Jaime Maussan Flota – best known as Jaime Maussan to speak about the footage shortly after it was released.

In the interview, Arteaga later reported the object was initially stationary and appeared to float.

Is it a bird, is it a plane or is it a flying saucer? Credit: X/ Jordge Arteaga

Maussan took to X to share the footage himself, captioning the clip: “Antioquia, Colombia, May 12, 2022; which in 2023 many media outlets on the planet estimated as the best UFO [UAP] video in history so far: For @JorgeArteagaG.”

The 70-year-old also shared a clip from his interview with the pilot, seemingly confirming his belief the object is indeed a UFO, writing: “We are facing one of the greatest UAP (UFO) evidences of all time; captured by the Captain Pilot Aviator @JorgeArteagaG.”

However, not everyone is convinced.

Maussan spoke with the pilot after the footage emerged. Credit: X/@jaimemaussan1

People have flooded to social media to weigh in on Maussan’s confirmation of the object being a UFO.

One Instagram user said: “That’s an empty potato chip bag, family size.”

“Here in AUSTRALIA, we see these things all the time! It’s an ‘Aeromanta’, a type of stingray that hitch-hikes the upward lifting air currents. There is a chapter dedicated to them in pilot training as many people confuse them with UFO’s,” another said.

And a third commented: “It’s been debunked and matched up with a plastic bag that caught wind, it was a local bag from the area.”

It’s important to note UFO does simply mean ‘unidentified flying object’ and that doesn’t necessarily mean aliens too. Oh, and that ufologist Maussan is the same person who claimed to have found the two ‘alien’ corpses in Mexico – later tested and proven to be DIY doll projects from Earth. Make of that you will.

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