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Astronaut theorist Zecharia Sitchin, author of the Earth Chronicles series of books, claims that a race of human-like beings, the Anunnaki, live on the planet Nibiru (also known as Maldek), our supposed twelfth planet in the solar system.

Although unknown to astronomers, Nibiru, in an elliptical orbit, circles our sun every 3,600 years. According to Sitchin, Nibiru will be in our immediate planetary space and will be detected between Mars and Jupiter. When this happens, the Anunnaki will make their presence known by appearing on Earth. Sitchi’s ideas are based on his reading of ancient Sumerian documents.

In his view, they confirm that the Anunnaki — a Sumerian term — created humans in their own image by genetically engineering the DNA of native anthropoids after their arrival some four hundred and fifty thousand years ago. These original earthlings were created so that they could work as slaves in the terrestrial gold mines of the Anunnaki; the aliens needed gold to preserve the atmosphere of their home world.

Many thousands of years later, they returned to give the Sumerians and Egyptians their respective civilizations and lived among these people for a thousand years. A visitor from Nibiru, Enki, allegedly saved the human race. When a hostile alien, Enlil, tried to prevent the Anunnaki from warning the people that Nibiru’s approach to Earth would cause a huge tidal wave that would sweep over the Earth and destroy its inhabitants, Enki resisted. He told Noah, of biblical fame, about the coming flood, and Noah set to work on his ark, thus ensuring the survival of earthly life.

The Anunnaki are supposed to live a very long time because, to them, a year is the number of Earth years it takes their planet to orbit the Sun. They invented space flight half a million years ago thanks to their highly developed technology. They are also able to raise the dead.

One critic wrote, “Sitchin is clearly an intelligent man. He weaves together a complicated story from bits and pieces of evidence that survive from ancient Sumer to the present day. Just as clearly, Sitchin is capable of academic transgressions (fractured quotations, ignoring divergent facts) and flights of intellectual fancy. Worst of all, he is almost completely innocent in astronomy and other assorted fields of modern science”.

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