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Milestone 3 introduces a new UFO type, weapons, vehicles, and more in biggest update to date

February 19, 2024 – Prepare to take the war against the aliens to new heights as the biggest update to Hooded Horse and Goldhawk Interactive’s tactical strategy game

Xenonauts 2

drops, bringing new threats and weapons to the fore.

The patience of the enemy commanders is wearing thin – frustrated with the lack of results and growing resistance, they’ve deployed Cruiser-class UFOs to crush the Xenonauts. While these ships are similar in size to the existing Abductor-class vessels, the crews are equipped with brand-new fusion weapons to lay waste to all who oppose them.

The Xenonauts need not fear, as reinforcements are coming to combat these new challenges. Hover Tanks, as well as new dropship and interceptor tiers, will improve humanity’s capacity to fight back. Those new fusion weapons look nice; it would be a shame if they were captured, reverse-engineered, and turned against the aliens…

The new update also adds more maps, primarily for the early game and the campaign against the cleaners. You can read the full change log



Xenonauts 2 is available in early access for PC via




, and the

Epic Games Store

for a base price of $39.99 / £34.99 / €39.99 / ¥4,980. 

press kit

 is available. From now until March 4, Xenoanuts 2 will be available at a 30% discount.

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About Hooded Horse™
Hooded Horse is a publisher of deep strategic and tactical games with people and partners worldwide. Starting in 2019 with a single title, Hooded Horse’s portfolio has grown to 29 games and counting. Our goal is to empower and support developers in doing what they love so that they can create world-class experiences for their audiences. From the distant past of Manor Lords and the haunted woods of Against the Storm, to the depths of space in Terra Invicta and Falling Frontier.

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About Goldhawk Interactive™

Goldhawk Interactive is a UK-based developer founded in 2011 that’s focused exclusively on Xenonauts, a series of strategy games that cover an alien invasion of Earth. The first Xenonauts was released in 2014, with Xenonauts 2 released in July 2023. 

You can follow the team via the official website and Discord.

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