Pilot Claims He Saw UFO Twice The Size Of A City Before It Vanished

Captain Arturo Saucedo told podcasters in February that he once saw a UFO “twice the size of a city” while flying over Mexico, and it sounds absolutely insane.

Saucedo was flying through the state of Queretaro in central Mexico on his way to Los Angeles when he first saw the strange lights in the sky, he told the No Es Contra Ti podcast. “Suddenly, we were plunged into total darkness with only the panels lit up,” he explained. “I then saw a beam of light that I first thought was something from Starlink as I had seen some images about Elon Musk’s company, basically a line of satellites that shine brightly in the sky.”

Apparently the UFO was so enormous it looked like it was twice the size of a city, even as Saucedo looked down on it 35,000 feet below. “I should clarify that a UFO is not necessarily alien, it is an unidentified flying object,” he continued. “We are used to seeing things that are common to see, but this was not at all common.”

Saucedo and the flight captain decided to report the situation, but they were told that there were no satellite launches taking place in the area. (RELATED: CIA’s ‘Secret UFO’ Retrieval Operations Aren’t New News — You’re Just Being Fed The Same Stories From A New Source)

Saucedo said he believed the object was “human technology, some type of American technology that they didn’t report.” And as he and his then-captain called in the UFO, “it started moving quickly to the right.” It was so fast, the object flew to the Gulf of Mexico “in a minute, minute and a half” before it disappeared from view.

Despite a decades-long battle with unelected government employees and their respective agencies, lawmakers and ufologists alike are no closer to learning the truth about what is really out there. So unless these aliens come down and say hi to all humans, we’ll probably never know the truth.

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