Peter Andre had ‘incredible’ alien encounter

Peter Andre claims he had an “incredible” sighting of a UFO.

The ‘Mysterious Girl’ singer – who has Junior, 18, and Princess, 16, with ex-wife Katie Price and Amelia, 10, and Theo, seven, with pregnant wife Emily – is a firm believer in life on other planets because not only does he believe he once saw an extraterrestrial, he knows many other people who have too.

He wrote in his column for new! magazine: “I’ve always believed UFOs are real. The kids and I had an incredible sighting in Cyprus that we’ll never forget and my brothers Michael, Chris and Danny have seen many.

“My manager Claire saw a UFO the size of a football stadium – maybe she’ll write about it in her forthcoming book. I am a strong believer that there is life out there. Call us bonkers, or as I’d like to think, open-minded!”

Peter’s comments came after model Abbey Clancy – who has children Sophia, 11, Liberty, seven, Johnny, four, and three-year-old Jack with husband Peter Crouch – was convinced she was followed by three UFOs.

Speaking on her ‘The Therapy Crouch’ podcast, she said: “There was no natural bright light anywhere and the streetlights hadn’t gone on yet and car lights were minimal because it was still too light for them to be on.

“And there was three oblongs of light – white light – above my car. But there was no glass, it couldn’t be reflecting off any glass to create like an almost rainbow effect. It had been raining but sometimes, you know when the rain’s settled, you obviously see a rainbow and light reflected. There was nothing to enable that to happen.”

“And I was like, ‘Sophia, can you see them lights?’ And they were coming close together and they were travelling along the car and then the three of them just went all in different directions. And they were gone. I swear to God.

“It was just an oblong of white light. It’s true. But there was nowhere it could reflect off anything, it was just motorway and trees, and they went in three separate directions.”

Abbey appealed for experts listening to the podcast to get in touch.

She added: “I thought about it, but I thought, who do I say it to? Ghostbusters? I would love an alien expert to get in touch and tell me if what I saw was really a UFO because there was no explanation at all. It was like they were hovering but travelling at the same speed but then they just went in three different directions. It’s bizarre.

“Is that the actual UFO? The intelligence on another planet sending these little spaceships to us? It doesn’t scare me. I love that concept of the aliens are coming to save us and give us a new way on how to save the planet and stop killing everything for money, ruining everything, the world’s a shambles at the moment, isn’t it?”

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