Is there ‘evidence’ for life beyond the earth?

UFO stories abound in the media but scientists take a skeptical view

One of the two ‘alien corpses’ revealed by the Mexican government last summer. Photo: Getty

The question of whether humanity stands alone in the universe is one of the biggest questions there is.

The existence of extra-terrestrial life is the topic of heated debate globally, with strong feelings on either side.

Last year, ex-US navy personnel testified to congress that the United States possessed UFO materials.

A supposed alien corpse revealed by the Mexican government was subject to ridicule online in September 2023.

But what can science tell us?

Is there life beyond earth?

And if there is – is it intelligent life?

Can the ‘evidence’ of UFOs and alien contact be trusted?

Ciarán Dunbar is joined by astrobiology Professor David C. Catling, author of ‘Astrobiology: a Very Short Introduction’ and Sunday World reporter Níall Feiritear, who has had an experience that has convinced him, to present the latest evidence.

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Is there ‘evidence’ for life beyond the earth?

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