‘Paradigm Shift’ Series Explores The Possibility Of Extraterrestrial Presence

Paradigm Shift with Stephen Bassett, a veteran UAP/ET Disclosure advocate, has debuted on the UNIFYD TV Streaming Network.

The six-part series presents a diverse array of eyewitnesses, filmmakers, and various UFO/ET experts discussing the possibility that an extraterrestrial presence has long been visiting Earth, and the fact that this information has been withheld from the American public via a 77-year long Truth Embargo.

The series is created, produced, and directed by Serena DC, an Emmy Award-nominated, documentary filmmaker.

“This captivating new program delves into the mysteries surrounding unidentified aerial phenomena, government secrecy, and the role that Hollywood plays in shaping public perception,” said Serena DC. “Steve Bassett is a seasoned UFO researcher and longtime Disclosure Activist who brings personal stories, historical insights, and a forward-looking perspective on Disclosure and the extraterrestrial presence. From personal transformations of skeptics, to the stories from new believers, to the profound psychological impacts that paranormal encounters can produce, Steve and his guests will surely alter the viewer’s understanding of the universe and the hidden truths within it.”

Paradigm Shift six initial guests include Sean Jablonski, Hollywood producer of the Project Blue Book TV series; Mike Mazzola, UFO documentary filmmaker, whose films include Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind, and Unacknowledged; Dan Harary, author of the science-fiction novel After They Came; Earl Grey Anderson, the director of MUFON’s Southern California chapter; Paul Stonehill, a veteran UFO expert on the history of Russian and Chinese ET activity; and Serena DC herself, whose previous, UFO-themed projects include We Are Not Alone, Interview with the Extraterrestrial, Contact: The CE5 Experience, and The Marfa Lights.

Bassett is a veteran political activist, UAP/ET Disclosure advocate, and the executive director of Paradigm Research Group (PRG). PRG was founded in Washington, D.C. in 1996 to end a government-imposed embargo on the truth behind extraterrestrial related phenomena.

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