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Our world is not as it seems to us. He stands on the border of rationalism and fiction!

The geopathic zone is where there is a bulge. The photo is taken from the Internet

Geopathogenic zones are local geochemical anomalies in toxic or radioactive elements in rocks, soils, or groundwater in a certain area. The pathogenic effect of an abnormally high concentration of toxic and radioactive chemical elements in the geological environment on the human body and domestic animals has long been known and described in detail in the special literature. In a word, geopathogenic zones are places where human life is at risk.

According to some researchers, geopathogenic zones can be determined using the Hartman grid – a network hypothetically existing on Earth. According to the hypothesis put forward by the German researcher Hartmann, this network entangles almost the entire surface of the Earth, while it decreases as it moves away from the equator and approaches the poles. Where the lines converge in Hartmann’s grid, there are geopathogenic zones.

Hartmann’s grid covers the planets

In order to make sure whether the UFO is related to geopathogenic zones, I chose the cities where mysterious flying objects appeared and began to drive over them on the map with a pendulum for bio-location. This was done in order to make sure that the lines from the Hartmann grid converge there. The result was ambiguous. Out of thirteen cities, the pendulum indicated six positively, five negatively, two more not at all. I give their list below. The year, date and month indicate the time of UFO appearance, + the presence of a geopathogenic zone, – the absence, ? unknown (this is the place where the pendulum did not indicate any results).

Kyiv (Ukraine) from July 18 to 19, 2018, ?

Chornomorsk (Ukraine) September 18, 2018, +

Hangzhou (China) July 7, 2010, –

Beijing (China) January 15, 2024, +

Altoona (USA) June 30, 2014, –

Santa Clara (USA) June 28, 2014, + Phoenix (USA) March 13, 1997, –

Las Vegas (USA) May 1, 2023, +

Los Angeles (USA) December 10, 2023, ?

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) May 18, 2020 +

New York (USA) July 4, 2014 –

London (UK) June 2011 +

Frankfurt (Germany) December 20, 2022 –

UFO – a modern drawing

So the conclusion is ambiguous. It is quite possible that a UFO can be connected to geopathogenic zones and use their energy. But it is also possible that both phenomena are not related to each other.

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