Woman Posts Pictures Of Fireball-Like UFO Showing ‘Aliens’

A “real picture of a UFO” captured by an elderly woman in California allegedly shows an alien seated inside the spacecraft, and users are convinced the sighting is authentic

video posted on the TikTok account UFO God features an unverified image of a flying object. The image is dubbed as the “closest” anyone will get to the “real picture” of a spacecraft, and it was apparently captured over California.

The flying saucer was allegedly spotted by an 85-year-old resident, and in the elderly woman’s description, the objects in the night sky looked like “balls of fire.”

The video alleges there was a fleet of these flying machines, separated nearly 15 feet from one another.

They “suddenly eliminated all fire from around the craft” and the witness could see the “vehicles” shot on a cellphone camera.

The zoomed-in picture in the video isn’t too clear, but an unidentified figure can be seen through one of the windows of the vehicle. Viewers are convinced it is an ‘alien’.

Views the photographs at HTC

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