UFO sign in Spielberg Netflix series village Broad Haven

A spoof road sign warning about UFOs has appeared near a village featured in a Steven Spielberg Netflix series about extra-terrestrials.

Showing a spaceship, it popped up in Broad Haven in Pembrokeshire.

The village has been described as the «Bermuda Triangle» of mysterious sightings, and features in Encounters.

But the sign did not last much longer than a UFO shooting across the sky, and it has now been taken down from the outskirts of the village.

Pembrokeshire council said it was not approached for consent to put it up.

Pupil's drawings taken from Broad Haven School's scrapbook

Pupil drawings taken from Broad Haven school’s 1977 UFO scrapbook

However, the mystery deepened when the council confirmed that although it does regularly remove signs «that are inappropriate for the highway», it did not get rid of this one.

There have been 450 strange encounters reported from the seaside village in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

Reports include a flying saucer seen from a guest house, a 7ft alien-like figure coming out of a hedge and a «cigar-shaped» UFO near a schoolyard.

Residents who reported these close encounters across a single year in the 1970s have now told their story to the documentary made by Steven Spielberg’s production company.

Road sign on the outskirts of Broad Haven where the UFO sign was

The truth is out there… but the UFO sign has already disappeared into thin air

It all happened in 1977, when the Cold War was at its height and Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind – Spielberg’s first science fiction blockbuster – dominated the box office.

The village made international headlines when 16 schoolchildren claimed to have witnessed a UFO in the sky.

«The spaceship looked like a cigar shape with a dome on it with yellowy, orange to red light on the top of it,» one child told BBC cameras at the time.

One boy said he didn’t just see a UFO, adding: «I saw a man, but I couldn’t see its face because it was too far away.»

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