Did a UFO Piloted by Aliens Visit Varginha, Brazil in 1996?

UFO’s might be enjoying a moment right now, but they’ve been a part of human culture for a long time. While the modern image of flying saucers is relatively new, people have reported strange objects in the sky, sometimes piloted by non-human creatures, for thousands of years. Although, whatever they are, they haven’t always been thought of as extraterrestrials from space.

SYFY’s own Resident Alien (streaming now on Peacock) follows a lone E.T. (Alan Tudyk) stranded on Earth when his spacecraft crashes in Colorado. The story mirrors, slightly, the conditions at Roswell, New Mexico, where residents reported witnessing a crashed alien spacecraft with pilots still inside. In the decades since, the United States government came clean about the experimental balloon they were testing and the flubbed cover up that ensued. Varginha is Brazil’s answer to Roswell and, for now, we still don’t have answers about what actually happened there.

The comparison to Roswell comes not just because of a UFO sighting, but because the craft allegedly crashed, residents interacted with the non-human pilots, and the whole thing ended with a military cover up. The execution is slightly different, but the basic recipe of both UFO stories is essentially the same.

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Multiple witnesses reported seeing a bipedal creature which was decidedly not human. They described it as unsteady on its feet, appearing to be sick or injured, with two large red balls for its eyes. Others reported seeing a strange metal object slowly losing altitude over the area before hitting the ground and a strong, almost overbearing smell of sulfur.

UFO Flying Low

UFO Flying Low Photo: Bettmann/Getty Images

Other witnesses described the creature as having brown, oily skin, no hair, and a distinct look of fear in their eyes. Allegedly, after authorities responded to the area to track down the creatures, police officer Marco Eli Chereze apprehended one barehanded, later fell ill to a mysterious full-body infection, and died.

Last year, filmmaker James Fox released Moment of Contact, documenting the alleged events which occurred in Brazil nearly three decades ago. The documentary’s key witness is an anonymous military expert known only as Military X, who claims they were there when one of the aliens was taken and that video footage does exist. If that’s true, no such video has surfaced.

Witnesses also claim that whatever was recovered, including crash debris and any occupants, were later taken by the United States Government. If true, that lines up pretty nicely with the recent claims made by UFO whistleblower David Grusch. However, all we really have are a bunch of half-remembered stories from a quarter century ago and no tangible evidence to speak of. That’s par for the course when it comes to aliens; some things never change.

We have video of aliens though, two season’s worth, in Resident Alien, streaming now on Peacock.

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