Chilling images of disc-shaped UFO seen by 12 airline staff as experts baffled

The strange craft was spotted by workers at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport flying through the skies above and has left experts baffled as to exactly what it could be

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UFO spotted at Chicago airport back in 2006

Footage of a huge disc-shaped UFO spotted by airline employees over a major city has left experts scratching their heads.

Strange images of the object show a metallic, saucer-shaped UFO flying through the skies over Chicago. The incredible footage was captured on November 7, 2006, by an employee at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

The sighting was said to last just five minutes but was witnessed by at least 12 people working for United Airlines. At the time, the sighting made headlines around the world due to a tape released by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

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The strange disc-shaped object was filmed flying through the skies above Chicago


History Channel)

The FAA issued a statement declaring the incident a “hole-punched cloud”. The statement was agreed by astronomer Mark Hammergren who was associated with the Alder Planetarium at the time.

Despite this statement, the case remains a mystery and has been the subject of numerous discussions among the UFO community over the last almost 17 years. Now, almost two decades later a group of PhD physicists have put forward a new theory.

30 PhD physicists working with Applied Physics, a privately-funded research group, believe the O’Hare UFO is a telltale sign of a theoretical interstellar system known as an ‘Alcubierre warp drive’. The idea was first conceived by theoretical physicist Miguel Alcubierre in 1994.

Travelers rushing through one of Chicago O’Hare airport terminals


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The Star Trek-like ‘warp drive’ can reportedly travel between stars in an incredible way. It’s said to bend the fabric of time and space around itself.

Alexey Bobrick, a theoretical physicist and Applied Physics’ chief science officer, first published his calculations describing the perfect shape of an Alcubierre drive in 2021. In the article, published in Classical and Quantum Gravity, details his belief that the most energy-efficient shape is a flat one.

“Some models of warp drive spacetimes suggest that the shape of the spacecraft, and the resulting geometry of spacetime bending, could significantly reduce energy requirements,” Mr Bobrick told The Debrief. He went on to say: “Depending on the specific design of the warp drive, the passenger-holding craft may benefit from a saucer or spherical shape per the laws of general relativity.”

According to the Applied Physics team, the 2006 O’Hare UFO was similar to several cases of the classic UFO sighting as it was a traditional, flat-flying saucer. Witnesses described the object as being somewhere between 22 and 88 feet in diameter.

Jon Hilkevitch, columnist for the Chicago Tribune, said the O’Hare UFO was reported “by as many as a dozen of its own workers” and that some employees even reached out to air traffic control. Audio from that call was eventually released by the FAA via the Freedom of Information Act.

The strange craft was seen by workers at Chicago O’Hare International Airport


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Brandon Melcher studied ‘dark matter’ at Syracuse University and also worked with Applied Physics’ team analysing the O’Hare UFO noted the UFO’s movements matched that of an Alcubierre drive. He said: “From the [witness testimony], it seems reasonable to claim that a metallic object around 50 feet in diameter was hovering [around] 1,500 feet above a passenger gate at an international airport within regulated airspace. After some time , the object accelerated from 0 to about 1,000 – 2,000 feet per second almost instantaneously.”

The AP team added that there is no aircraft that exists now or back in 2007 that would have been capable of hovering in midair and then accelerating directly upward at thousands of feet per second. Mr Melcher added: “The only way to full investigate sightings like this is to gather more data.”

He added that “the level of reluctance expressed by several witnesses should be a cause for concern, which is why we must remove this dangerous stigma.” He went on to say: “Pursuing the truth should be the norm, not suppressing facts and scientific discourse.”

The lack of evidence in the O’Hare UFO case still supports the possibility of a warp drive-powered craft, according to the AP team. Ultimately, the FAA declared the object to just be a strange “weather phenomenon”.

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