A UFO Was Sighted In Washington 76 Years Ago And It’s One Of The Most Important UFO Sightings In History

By Andrea Verschuyl

Published October 05, 2023

Besides its food and beauty, Washington is known for its rain. Our moody landscapes can almost feel like they’re from another planet. This may be why the Evergreen State has produced so many influential sci-fi authors, including Octavia Butler and Frank Herbert. But these luminaries aren’t the only Washingtonians who were unsettled and inspired by the local climate. In 1947, a pilot spotted an unidentified aircraft flying above Mount Rainer. His experience sparked the modern era of UFO sightings, bringing aliens into popular culture across the United States.

Have you ever seen a UFO in Washington? Tell us down below. If you’re a lover of all things extraterrestrial and spooky, check out this accommodation near Vancouver, where you can stay in a flying saucer just like the one Kenneth Arnold saw 76 years ago.

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