Uri Geller claims he saw UFO at exact same time he was ‘thinking about aliens’

TV personality Uri Geller claims he spotted a UFO while he was thinking about how to communicate with aliens, and posted a video of the strange occurrence online

Could this be a UFO flying over Uri Geller’s house?

World-renowned Israeli mentalist Uri Geller claims to have spotted a UFO while pondering over telepathic communication with extra-terrestrials.

Geller, globally recognised as the spoon-bending psychic who professes to read minds, shared a video on his X/ Twitter account showcasing flashing lights in the sky above him. The incident occurred while he was in Israel, presumably at his residence in Tel Aviv, when he noticed the peculiar spectacle.

Eager to share his experience, he took to social media and wrote: «My dear friends, I swear to you on 06, Sep 2023 I was exercising on my roof with my machine and was thinking how great it would be to be able to communicate telepathically with aliens. And tonight this thing flies over.»

Uri Geller performs on stage during a television show filmed in China


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He humorously speculated: «Obviously it could be a drone? A Mossad drone spying on me?? Whatever it was I loved it!»

The one-minute and 21-second-long video features a bright light in the sky, transitioning from red to green before disappearing behind a building. A plane can be seen nearby for comparison.

In the video, a bewildered Geller can be heard asking: «what on Earth is this?». He continued: «It just passed over our apartment, I don’t know what this is. I am on my roof, exercising, and it flew over and I’m trying to figure out what this is. What the hell is this?»

Adding another layer of intrigue to the incident, Geller decided to investigate where the object might have landed, if it indeed touched down.

In a riveting tale straight from Jaffa’s port, located just a stone’s throw away from Tel Aviv, an eyewitness recounted his encounter with what he believed to be more than just a drone.

The man narrated his experience, saying: «I just went down to Jaffa port near where I thought this ‘drone’ went down.»

Adding to the intrigue, a cyclist corroborated his story, claiming to have seen a red light descend from the sky and penetrate the water just behind the concrete wave breaks. The incident was described as «weird and bizarre.»

However, the social media jury was quick to offer a more mundane explanation. Many pointed out that it was likely just «a drone,» given that most drones are equipped with flashing red and green LED lights to prevent mid-air collisions.

Lending credibility to this theory, UFO research account RAEFOS Network chimed in, stating it was an «obvious quadcopter drone», as the device appeared to have «four engines».

Despite the logical explanations, radio legend James Whale couldn’t resist diving into the mystery, finding the sighting «fascinating» particularly because it made «no noise».

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