UK village known as ‘UFO hotspot’ with locals spotting ‘those spaceship things’

UFO expert Malcolm Robinson has written 10 books after studying aliens, and says ‘many good cases’ had been reported to him by residents of the UK coastal village

UFOs have been spotted on several occasions , an expert says

UFOs have been spotted on several occasions , an expert says

A sleepy Scottish village became known as hotspot for UFOs, an expert has claimed.

They have been spotted in Scotland for several years, he claimed, and the famous ‘Falkirk Triangle’ is a popular hunting ground for spotters. Bonnybridge near the town has become famous for unusual objects spotted in its skies, sparking calls for a government probe. One of the country’s leading ufologists, however, says an Aberdeenshire village is a ‘hotspot’ for sightings. Malcolm Robinson has written 10 books over a decades-long career studying the subject.

He said ‘many good cases’ had been reported to him by residents of the coastal village of Muchalls. The settlement, which houses around 500 people is, he claims, a ‘UFO window area’ where there has been a lot of suspected extraterrestrial activity. In his book, UFO Case Files of Scotland Volume 2, he recounts some of the tales stunned locals have told him over the years.

The coastal village sees a lot of UFO activity, an expert says


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The first one dates back to 1964, when a motorist followed a bizarre ball of light through the village and nearby Hamlet Bridge of Muchalls, reports AberdeenLive. Driver Matthew, joined by his 19-year-old brother and mother, was chased by an orange light along a deserted country road before it suddenly disappeared.

Another, reported to have taken place in December 1971, involved young resident Tom Moir, who lived to the west of the village. Tom claimed to have come across three strange lights and a ‘figure dressed in a long gown’ as he walked home in the dark. He said he and his sister often saw the same lights in the same place for several years until he moved away for college.

Between 1988 and 1992, he regularly revisited his home to record the bizarre sights before he moved to New Zealand. After Tom told his experiences, others came forward to say they had encountered the gowned figure in 1968. And a minister who lived next door to Tom also seemed to be aware of the incidents. Tom recalled asking his mechanic father to examine a strange-looking bolt, and the cleric nonchalantly said it could have been ‘off one of those spaceship things’.

When the book was published in 2011, Malcolm reported the number of reports of UFO sightings in Muchalls had died down. After Tom stopped documenting the mysterious happenings, recorded cases from the area became few and far between.

Malcolm said: «Today Muchalls, (as far as we are led to believe!) sees very little in the way of UFO reports and we can but wonder why. Muchalls, for some unknown reason, has joined the ranks of other British locations that have seen UFO activity, and we thank Tom Moir for sharing his UFO accounts with us.»

But Malcolm said Tom had shared many more credible stories with him and his quirky tales could not be readily dismissed. He added: «Tom is an intelligent man; a man who is used to seeing aircraft and helicopters in the sky, what he saw growing up in Muchalls was none of these and to this day has lasting memories of his time and his experiences there.»

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