Mysterious Skies: Unravelling the history of UFO sightings across Northeast India

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From eerie night skies to unsettling daylight sightings, Northeast India has long been a hotbed for reported UFO encounters. This article takes you on a mysterious journey across the region, visiting Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Mizoram and Assam. We delve into the history of UFO sightings in these areas, igniting discussions about possible alien existence and providing a comprehensive view of these fascinating occurrences.

Manipur’s Orb-like Lights: A Fascinating Mystery

In the remote locales of Manipur, the UFO phenomenon has been a consistent source of intrigue. From strange lights in Imphal’s sky in 2019 to a viral video in September 2022 showcasing an orb-like object traversing the night sky of Kanglatongbi village, Manipur’s history is dotted with such sightings. The government’s explanation of aircraft activity or dynamic processes resembling moving objects hasn’t quelled local speculation, leading to debates around potential alien life. Imphal’s skies also witnessed bright light in 2017 and colour-changing formations in 2019, keeping the UFO mystery alive.

Arunachal Pradesh: Borderlands of the Unidentified

Arunachal Pradesh, a picturesque state in northeast India, has its share of unidentified flying objects. From an astonishing sighting of several UFOs near Tawang district by Indian Army troops in 2012 to local villagers witnessing a car-sized object emitting bright light in West Kameng district and Pasighat in 2013, the state has seen an array of unusual aerial phenomena. Though authorities have remained silent, the incidents have prompted speculation about Chinese drones, spy balloons, or possibly, extra-terrestrial entities.

Sikkim: A Journey Through Anomalous Skies

In the peaceful serenity of Sikkim, anomalous sky sightings have left indelible memories. From the large, disc-shaped object that puzzled residents of Lachung, Lachen, Thangu, Muguthang, and Chholamu in 1968, to the rocket-like object soaring above Demchok the same year, Sikkim’s UFO history is as varied as it is fascinating. A report from April 1968 – part of the 930,000 declassified documents posted online by the Central Intelligence Agency – details sightings of unidentified flying objects over Sikkim (then a protectorate of India) and several other neighbouring regions in preceding months.

Mizoram’s Mystifying Incidents

For decades, Luminary anomalies have been observed in various parts of the state, with reports primarily revolving around fast-moving, spherical lights in the night sky over Aizawl and Champhai. In 2021, an incident involving a disc-shaped object visible for several minutes in Serchhip sparked substantial discussion and debate. Even though authorities have attributed these instances to misidentified aircraft, satellites, or atmospheric phenomena, locals continue to believe in more otherworldly explanations.

Assam: Unexplained Anomalies in the Sky

Assam, the gateway to the Northeast, has a history of puzzling aerial sightings. A landmark event occurred in 2020 when the residents of Guwahati reported an unusual, fast-moving object in the sky, causing a flurry of social media posts and conjectures. Over the years, the skies of Assam have seen other peculiar sightings, including an incident in Jorhat in 2017 when locals spotted a large, slow-moving, luminous object crossing the sky. The nature and origins of these sightings remain unexplained, stirring speculation and bewilderment among the population.


The enigma of unidentified flying objects across Northeast India continues to baffle, intrigue, and excite locals, researchers, and UFO enthusiasts alike. The stories of these strange sightings, often dismissed by authorities as misidentified aircraft or natural phenomena, have become a part of local lore and culture. Whether these incidents truly involve extra-terrestrial life or are simply misinterpretations of natural or man-made occurrences, they offer a fascinating glimpse into the mysterious and captivating topic of UFOs. Until these mysteries are definitively solved, the skies of Northeast India will continue to inspire intrigue and wonder.

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