Best of the Indo Daily: The Vatican, Mussolini, and a UFO cover-up – the Pentagon whistleblower story

Air Force Intelligence Officer David Grusch

Little green men and visitors from space have long fascinated us humble earthlings. But science fiction fans and UFO enthusiasts are especially excited right now, because a former Pentagon whistleblower, David Grusch, claims «we are not alone.»

And not only that, but the Vatican was in on one UFO cover up involving Mussolini.

Forget your 1950’s flying saucers because in 2023, extraterrestrials allegedly fly crafts as big as football fields and have been observing us for some time now.

Kevin Doyle is joined by Irish Independent journalist Sarah Collins to unravel the explosive claims made by former Pentagon official David Grusch, that have now rumbled the US House of Congress who are looking for answers to the question “Are we alone?”

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