UFO investigator behind alien ship report says ‘ghosts and ET dimension’ exists

The trailblazing UFO investigator who uncovered a US whistleblower’s claims over a captured alien craft has now linked human ghosts to extra-terrestrials.

Author Leslie Kean says there is growing anecdotal evidence of an «alternate dimension» where both mystery phenomena collide. Leslie told podcaster Chris Lehto she’s increasingly sure there’s a connection between the supernatural, near-death experiences and unexplained sightings .

She said: “The paranormal elements of the UFO phenomenon seem to have some relationship to what people describe in and near-death experiences.” It’s a further extraordinary claim from Leslie who broke the story of a whistleblower who said the US government has craft of “non-human origin” in a secret facility.

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Her latest claims carry further weight due to her extensive work on near-death experiences. Her book Surviving Death has spawned a Netflix series on experiences of dying. Leslie adds there’s a “paranormal mysterious and complicated side of UFO reports that may be connected to ghosts and the supernatural».

Could the light at the end of the tunnel be a gateway to another dimension?

Could the light at the end of the tunnel be a gateway to another dimension?

She told Lehto: “There is some kind of crossover there and I don’t know what it is. There is the whole component of UFOs which is just purely physical. They’re on radar and that’s the way the military approaches them.

“But then there’s another level of the UFO a phenomenon that’s way more paranormal, mysterious and complicated. Its impact on people is a very important element.”

Leslie believes there could be some alternate dimension where all of these phenomena are tied together: “It’s a big mystery how it all holds together,” she says. “I may have something to do with some kind of dimension in which all these things dwell, that’s not our dimension that’s perceived by our five senses but some other type of dimension that may overlap in some way”

There's some common threads between 'alien abduction' and near-death experiences

There’s some common threads between ‘alien abduction’ and near-death experiences

She says it’s a shame that the entire area of the paranormal got a bad reputation because so many fraudsters got involved in it. And similarly the number of hoax UFO sightings has led to scientists not taking reports as seriously as they should. She say more investigation of both phenomena is needed to understand exactly what’s going on. She added that there are major UFO reports such as the sighting in Stephenville, Texas, in 2008 that urgently need to be re-examined.

In that case a huge UFO was spotted from the ground by pilot Steve Allen, who saw the object being pursued by two fighter jets, before it shot off at a speed that he estimated at around 3,000 mph. «I don’t know if it was a biblical experience or somebody from a different universe or whatever but it was definitely not from around these parts,» he said at the time.

Several UFO researchers have speculated that alien visitors come from a parallel dimension

Several UFO researchers have speculated that alien visitors come from a parallel dimension

Leslie says that at the moment, UFO research is being taken more seriously than it has in decades, but scientific inquiry into life after death is being almost ignored. «I think people should know that the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness studies [BICS] which was founded by Robert Bigelow is doing investigations into all of these questions,» she said.

The institute launched an essay competition for the best accounts of near-death experiences. «Robert Bigelow was offering huge cash prizes for the winners of this contest so there was a lot of motivation and there were some amazing essays that were submitted which provided fascinating evidence,» she said.

«I would encourage people who want more evidence to go to the BICS website and read some of those papers because they’re really good and there’s a lot of them on near-death experiences and other aspects of this question.»

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