‘UFO’ at Chernobyl ‘stayed for three minutes’ during height of nuclear disaster

‘UFO’ activity at Chernobyl during the nuclear disaster is the talk of the internet thanks to a new Netflix show.

Encounters released on September 27 and the four-part docuseries delves into mass UFO sightings from the last 50 years.

Chernobyl: first pictures after the nuclear disaster.

Photo by SHONE/GAMMA/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

‘UFO’ spotted in Chernobyl

Episode 4, titled “Lights Over Fukushima,” explores an unidentified flying object that was seen in the Japanese city in 2011.

Many people recall seeing strange lights on the same day of the major nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant.

The show then skips to Chernobyl and claims there was also “a lot of UFO activity” there following the disaster.

“Right at the height of the fire, many people observed a UFO come,” Dr Jensine Andreson said, adding it “stayed for three minutes”.

She claimed there was also a light at Unit 4, although the show doesn’t include any testimony from witnesses at Chernobyl.

🛸 A UFO was sighted at a critical point during the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, directly resulting in a reduced radiation level, according to #UFOsandNukes researcher Jensine Andresen.

Episode 4 of Stephen Spielberg’s new ‘Encounters’ TV series features UFO activity surrounding… pic.twitter.com/qBh7eeonXj

— NonHumanNexus (@NonHumanNexus) September 27, 2023

Radiation drops in minutes

Conspiracies that something alien was going on at the nuclear site are aided by the sudden drop in radiation.

“At the height of the fire in Chernobyl, the reading was 3000 milli-roentgen, which is a unit of ionising radiation,” she explained.

However, they took another reading and it had “apparently dropped to 800 just in a few minutes” – which is really quick.

“That seems like a very conscious attempt to remediate the danger caused by the malfunction there,” the scholar added.

Ok, I’m through the first 3 episodes of “Encounters” on Netflix. Very solid. Each episode mostly focuses on a specific event.
Ep-4 is about UFOs over Fukushima! Holy Moly this is finally something new. I was unaware of these sightings but I understand the Nuclear connection.

— John Strader (@swissarmyuber) September 28, 2023

Nuclear ‘UFOs’ give people ‘chills’

Many weren’t aware of the ‘UFO’ stories surrounding the Fukushima and Chernobyl disasters and the Netflix show is making people feel uneasy.

One person wrote on Twitter: “My first time hearing of this and it gave me chills.”

“Wow both Chernobyl and Fukushima have had high UFO sightings?” said another.

A third person added: “I can’t believe I’ve never seen the UFO footage filmed over the Fukushima nuclear plant after it exploded.”

“Holy moly this is finally something new. I was unaware of these sightings but I understand the nuclear connection,” someone else tweeted.

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