Deep Facial Hydration Devices

Likened to a glass of water for thirsty skin, the Foreo UFO 3 LED is a deep hydration facial device that boasts instant brightening benefits. This breakthrough skincare device is clinically proven to reduce wrinkles in a week and it does so with smoothing near-infrared LED therapy and Hyper-Infusion technology to push active ingredients deep into the skin.

The UFO 3 offers both Thermo-therapy and Cryo-therapy settings so that skin is quickly, deeply and effectively regenerated. With eight different wavelengths, the device uses purple light for illuminating benefits, blue light to deminish imperfections, and yellow light to soothe skin inflammation.

Faster and more effective than a sheet mask, the Fore UFO 3 works hard with compatible mask collections like Farm to Face, Daily Duo and the Advanced Collection.

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