Zimbabwe’s mass ‘UFO’ sighting saw over 60 school children claim they spotted ‘aliens’ 

Zimbabwe’s mass “UFO” and “aliens” sighting incident from 1994 saw 62 rural school children in Ruwa claiming they saw extraterrestrial creatures in the bushes near the institute. Now, Netflix is digging deeper into the incident with their documentary titled Encounters.

Netflix‘s new series has shone the light on multiple “UFO” sightings from all over the world. Episode 4 of Encounters, titled ‘Believers’, explores the 1994 mass “UFO” and “aliens” sightings that took place in Ruwa, Zimbabwe. Ufologists and Astronomy enthusiasts consider it one of the most significant 20th-century “UFO” events. Here’s what happened.

UFO, illustration

Illustration of a UFO gravitating over a forest and mountain ranges.

Zimbabwe’s mass UFO sighting took place in 1994

The 1994 incident saw locals in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, reporting that they saw a “strange craft” and lights in the sky. Several eyewitnesses also claim they saw “aliens.”

A BBC report at the time reported that “a bright-colored object was seen traveling very fast above Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa.”

However, the UFO story became widely known after a group of 62 children from Ruwa’s Ariel school claimed they saw “UFO” and “aliens” on September 19, 1994, at approximately 12:12 local time. A resident told a BBC news correspondent that many Zimbabweans think it’s Jesus flying overhead.

Moreover, an airport worker at Johannesburg airport also said that the unidentified object was seen by several aircrafts at the same time the locals spotted it.

Several locals reported seeing “strange lights” in the sky and a “craft.” One local stated that they saw an aircraft over the hill. Noting its strange movement, they said that it lacked any sound. However, it was 62 school children’s accounts that piqued international interest in the incident.

Students at Mission School in Zimbabwe

Children study in a classroom at the Sacred Heart Mission School in the Jambezi District of the Hwange Communal Area in Zimbabwe. The school childr…

Schoolchildren claim they saw ‘aliens’

The principal teacher of Ariel Elementary School told BBC that he did not see the strange object overhead. However, girls and boys from the ages of 8 to 11 claim they saw a “spaceship.”

A student claims in the testimony that the spaceship was disc-shaped and unlike any that the Zimbabwean airforce has.

Several students also claim they saw the disc-shaped craft glistening through the trees near their school playground. Many children reported seeing figures the same height as them. “I saw little Black men. They kind of turned around and stared and then went back into a kind of, like, ship,” a little girl said.

“Saw one big one, with quite a few little ones scattered around,” one pupil said before another noted: “It was very very shiny black.” Another student said, “There was a red one, a white one, and a black one.”

When asked to describe what these creatures looked like, the children described their eyes as looking like rugby balls. When the principal teacher asked the students to draw what they saw. BBC notes that the “details and proportions” of the children’s drawings were “strikingly similar.”

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