‘Alien Research Centre’ is UFO hotspot on ‘ET highway’ with Area 51 links

Brits who are obsessed with all things outer space will already know that Nevada in the USA is a top spot for UFO-spotters and those in search of aliens. But, did you know there’s an entire “extraterrestrial highway” where you can take an out-of-this-world road trip?

You’ll drive your car by Area 51, keep your eyes peeled for alien sightings and can even peruse the Alien Research Centre – a ridiculously fun gift shop that’s also a top stargazing hotspot. The centre is pretty eye-catching as it sits in a shining silver metal hut and claims to be the entranceway to the extraterrestrial highway.

There’s also an enormous metal alien standing outside so you really can’t miss it. After snapping a photo with the legendary road sign that states “extraterrestrial highway” you can head inside to buy all your UFO-themed gifts from clothing to alien food, decor and coffee.

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But, the research centre isn’t just the perfect place to pick up souvenirs – it’s also an “unforgettable way to chat with locals and get the inside scoop on all you’ve been wondering about—like where to spot a UFO and what’s really up with Area 51…” according to TravelNevada.

The Alien Research Centre with its giant alien statue in Nevada, USA

The Alien Research Centre with its giant alien statue in Nevada, USA

That’s right, the locals who visit and work in the research centre are likely to have the best information on where you might see otherworldly apparitions. Plus, the store also sits in the “perfect location” for stargazing – and possible UFO spotting.

The Alien Research Centre states: “Get away from the bright lights of Las Vegas and take the short drive to the Alien Research Center, the gateway to Area-51. Pack up the kids a night picnic basket and your camera and join us at one of the most beautiful places to Stargaze in the world.

“You’ll want to get out of the city around 10am, you’ll arrive at the Alien Research Center about noon, check out the store and the surrounding area, visit the back gate to Area 51 and then set the family up at our 2 and a half acre parking lot 30 minutes before sunset and then look to the northwestern horizon and as the sun sets, you’ll be able to see the entire universe and it’s a sight to see.”

After a night of spotting shooting stars (or possibly alien spaceships) you can drive on towards Area 51 in the barren Nevada desert. There’s a dusty road – completely unmarked – and a front gate with a chained fence that reportedly indicates the start of the hidden alien research facility made famous by Hollywood.

A faux alien in an Area 51 camp bed at the Alien Research centre

A faux alien in an Area 51 camp bed at the Alien Research centre

There’s also a “boom gate” – an electronic bar to stop cars – and “no trespassing signs” that might put you off! Past the gate, where you cannot go, there are cameras watching you from everywhere and apparently on the hilltop a white trick with tinted windows watches all who approach.

Now, nobody really knows what happens inside Area 51 of course – and we’re not saying we know any better. But, rumours swirl around this official building with some saying they have aliens and spaceships inside related to the 1947 Roswell Crash (which might also not exist). Of course, for any true believer in aliens you’ll have read all about this. For those who haven’t, Area 51 is rumoured to have been chosen by the CIA in 1955 for clandestine research using code names for its secret work.

Inside the Alien Research Centre – where you can buy souvenirs like the t-shirts and mugs displayed on shelves

Inside the Alien Research Centre – where you can buy souvenirs

It’s believed by some people that July 8, 1947 a “flying disc” crashed into farmland in New Mexico – and that it was piloted by aliens who were allegedly recovered by the U.S Army Air Force. Now, who knows if this is true, but, it adds a whole extra fun to be able to go and see the forbidden Area 51 and explore the desert around it while thinking that life from beyond planet Earth could be just metres away.

Plus, the drive from Las Vegas is filled with incredible desert landscape and haunting Joshua Trees. You can get flights from the UK to Las Vegas, Nevada, in the United States from £393, on Skyscanner. You can learn more at alienresearchcenter.com.

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