‘UFO’ spotted in Stephenville, Texas was ‘bigger than a Walmart’ but dead silent

A ‘UFO’ that was spotted in Stephenville, Texas, more than a decade ago is the talk of the internet again thanks to a new Netflix show.

Encounters is a four-part docuseries that explores mass UFO sightings from the last 50 years with eyewitness accounts, expert interviews and new evidence.

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‘UFO’ spotted in Stephenville, Texas

On January 18, 2008, more than 300 residents claimed they saw an unidentified flying object at sunset in Stephenville, Texas.

The rural city gained worldwide attention after they saw what was described as a mile-wide silent spacecraft with bright flashing lights.

They claimed it was flying low and fast and supposedly hovered over the farming community for around five minutes.

Witnesses said the UFO then zoomed away at miraculous speed followed by two fighter jets, but the military said there was no aircraft in the area.

Fighter jet attacks a UFO. UFO invasion

Unidentified flying object in the sky. (Getty)

‘Bigger than a Walmart’

50-year-old pilot Steve Allen was at a campfire with friends when he spotted the phenomenon and said the mysterious ‘UFO’ was: “Bigger than a Walmart.”

He told ABC: “I don’t know if it was a biblical experience or somebody from a different universe or whatever but it was definitely not from around these parts.”

He drew a sketch of the silent object and added: “An arch shape converted in a vertical shape, and then it split and made two of them, and then these turned into just fire and it was gone.”

Another witness said “You look at the trees, and it was right here,” and local newspaper reporter Angela Joyner added: “It was very intense, bright lights.”

However, a spokesman for the 301st Fighter Wing in Fort Worth said it was probably an illusion caused by two commercial planes.

Steve Allen talks about Stephenville UFO

Encounters | Netflix

Witness stars in Encounters

Episode three of the new Netflix documentary, titled Messengers, delves into the 2008 event which captured worldwide attention.

The show describes the Texas ‘UFO’ sighting as the “most significant civilian sighting of the last 30 years”.

Steve Allen appears in the series and describes seeing some “high intensity lights” heading towards him at speed “unlikely anything I’d ever seen”.

“It was almost blinding to look at them, but what amazed me is there was no wind noise, no engine noise. It was silent,” the pilot added.

He felt “peaceful” and “easy” when the object flew over, and said that it was “almost like a religious experience”.

In the same episode, a Navy officer describes seeing ‘non-human entities’ in his bedroom after the Gimbal UFO incident.

The show arrived on September 27 and was brought to life by VICE Studios, Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television, Boardwalk Pictures, and Netflix.

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