King Charles ‘piloted UFO’ with powerful ‘blue plasma’ in secret Canada project

A former colleague of King Charles has alleged the monarch flew a ‘UFO’ in 1975 – but the whole thing seems a little far-fetched.

Dan Costello claims he was a diver on the alleged Project Scorpio and worked alongside the then Prince of Wales at Sandy Point in Newfoundland.

The Prince Of Wales And The Duchess Of Cornwall Attend

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King Charles ‘piloted UFO’

The diver alleges that King Charles flew a bizarre helicopter-type vessel that was being tested as part of a secret project.

It was supposedly round in shape like a UFO, had a propeller, and was created by American aircraft manufacturer Sikorsky.

In 1975, the royal allegedly piloted one of the prototypes, which was apparently powered by magnetic force.

The claims don’t have anything to do with aliens – but the vehicle would still be considered an ‘unidentified flying object’.


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It seems a little far-fetched

Things get a little far-fetched when Costello claims that the Sikorsky prototype was an “electrical risk itself and target of attacks which cost the lives of original Sikorsky engineers”.

He told the Daily Star: “Many turbines were subjected to emergency shutdown while submerged, requiring special forces divers to enter the voltage risk areas to prevent a mass death event.”

“Some Royal Navy Reserve and Sikorsky engineering crews lost their lives in these flooding as a result of terrorist and vandal attacks,” it continues.

Terrorist and vandal attacks? Certainly seems like a movie plot. However, he added: “King Charles and his 845 Squadron Air Crew extracted the prototype Sikorsky after the original engineers had been drowned.”

He claimed the uncontrolled event would have caused “mass death of tens of thousands” across three counties of people and said: “By removing the prototype and shutting down turbines, Royal Navy saved lives of tens of thousands.”

Speaking of unidentified flying objects, a pyramid-shaped UFO spotted in Egypt is also leaving people on TikTok baffled this week.

Actual headline from a news release I just got: «Did King Charles Pilot a UFO? New TV show investigates»

— Vince Guerrieri (@vinceguerrieri) September 19, 2023

Powerful ‘blue plasma’

Making things sound even more like a sci-fi film, the diver also claimed that an “uncontrolled burst of energy” caused a blue flame to appear from the bottom of the craft.”

“This blue plasma like pulse was powerful enough to turn rock into glass wherever it paused and easily transformed tree limbs along its path into cinders without even an open flame,” he said.

“The heat transformed the trees along its semaphore line flight path instantly into wood ash. It carried along that path somewhat under control of a secondary large nosed rotary craft which looked like a giant Westhall Whirligig.”

Blue plasma? Certainly sounds like fiction – but the dubious claims have been explored in a documentary by Nub TV which is available on Ayozat.

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