‘Encounters’ Trailer Travels the Globe to Investigate UFO Sightings in New Docuseries

The docuseries arrives on Netflix later this month.

Image via Netflix

The Big Picture

  • Netflix’s new docuseries Encounters investigates the existence of alien life and UFO sightings through various intriguing cases across the globe.
  • The trailer leaves many questions unanswered, allowing viewers to imagine the possibilities of unexplained phenomena.
  • The series features interviews with experts including astrophysicist Dr. Kevin Knuth and former RAF officer Tony Cowan, highlighting their insights on the phenomenon.

Quick question, have you ever wondered if we are really alone in this big wide universe? A new Netflix docuseries Encounters, which is debuting this month, is set to investigate that question and then some more. The presence of alien life or UFO sightings has always been a part of conversation when people talk about the nature of our existence and the upcoming documentary will shine more light on the topic by highlighting some cases where people claimed to have witnessed these sightings.

The new trailer gives us a glimpse into the four-part series and various cases it covers across the globe. From reported UFO sightings at Enmyoin Temple off the coast of Japan to the small central Texas town of Stephenville, the documentary gathers the experiences of numerous people across the globe as they stare their stories of unexplained phenomena. The thrilling trailer only answers a few questions but leaves many unanswered and up to our imaginations.

The four-part series, directed by Yon Motskin, will look into four separate cases where a person or a group of people reportedly experienced UFO sightings. The series covers cases such as the 2008 UFO sighting in Stephenville, Texas where hundreds of people reported the sightings of an orb in the sky. Another episode will cover the 1977 case of the Welsh coastal town of Broad Haven where 450 people reported seeing spacecraft in the area. Similar cases of UFO sightings from Japan in 2011 and Ruwa, Zimbabwe in 1994 will be examined via interviews with people who experienced the phenomenon or experts who looked into them.

encounters netflix series
Image via Netflix

Who Are the Experts Involved in ‘Encounters?’

The documentary features interviews with a wide range of experts that includes the likes of astrophysicist and former NASA research scientist Dr. Kevin Knuth, journalist David Clarke, former RAF officer Tony Cowan, attorney Eric MacLeish, a naval intelligence cryptologist Matthew Roberts, Sara Vanden Berge – managing editor of Stephenville Empire-Tribune, Lee Roy Gaitan – a constable in Erath County, Texas, and Robert Powell, nanotechnology engineer and co-founder of the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies.

Encounters premieres on Netflix on September 27. You can check out the new trailer below

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