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UFO in Lucknow? Viral Reddit Video Captures Mystical Clouds Bursting into Colours, Fuels Theories (Photo Credits: Reddit/@riki2903)

UFO in Lucknow? Viral Reddit Video Captures Mystical Clouds Bursting into Colours, Fuels Theories (Photo Credits: Reddit/@riki2903)

Viral video of mysterious colourful lights in night sky sparks UFO theories on Reddit.

Do UFOs even exist? Over the years, mysteries surrounding these unidentified flying objects (UFOs) from other planets have continued to captivate our collective imagination. Time and again, individuals share images and videos whenever they spot something unusual in the skies, fueling a flurry of wild theories and speculations. And now, a Reddit user from Lucknow has added a new twist to the narrative by sharing a fascinating video. This video showcased clouds illuminated by various colours at night, raising the question: Was it truly a UFO or something else entirely? Let’s find out!

The intriguing incident unfolded when Reddit user @riki2903 posted a video in the ‘lucknow’ subreddit. This captivating footage captured the night sky adorned with a stunning array of colors on a cluster of clouds. Describing it as a ‘Starry Night Surprise,’ the user revealed that this enchanting celestial spectacle was observed around Ashiyana at approximately midnight.

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In the accompanying video, they posed the question, “UFO or celestial magic?” The video quickly gained viral status, leaving the internet community intrigued.

Watch the Viral Video:

“It’s light pollution. I have seen this so many times here,” one user asserted. Another user offered a different perspective, suggesting, “Projection of the light coming from beneath. Here cloud is behaving like a screen.” Meanwhile, many individuals clarified that the phenomenon was likely the result of light pollution – a brightening of the night sky caused by streetlights and other artificial sources, which disrupt natural cycles and hinder the observation of stars and planets.

“Bro it’s lights reflecting and refracting through clouds. It’s light pollution not UFO,” one user clarified. Another user ventured, “Most likely someone pointing up lights towards clouds for a party or a concert,” suggested another.

Nevertheless, the fun and humour weren’t absent from this instance. Users began sharing witty remarks, adding a lighthearted touch to the discussion. “Ganpati ka season hai kisine focus lagaye honge” one user joked, while another quipped, “I didn’t do it Raajuuu?”

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In the end, the true nature of this phenomenon remains unknown, but what is ‘known’ is the attention it garnered and the intrigue it sparked among users!

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