Terrifying video evidence of ‘wormhole’ full of flashing lights over island UFO hotspot leaving scientists…

AN EERIE video captured by a small team of researchers shows a strange sight in the sky, with many believing that it could be a wormhole.

The video shows footage captured on top of Catalina Island.

Catalina Island has been previously linked to different UFO phenomenons


Catalina Island has been previously linked to different UFO phenomenonsCredit: YouTube / HISTORY

Some researchers believe the cluster of lights could be a wormhole showing a parallel universe


Some researchers believe the cluster of lights could be a wormhole showing a parallel universeCredit: YouTube / HISTORY

The footage shows a strange pattern of lights that have launched an investigation.

The video was shared by the History Channel and opens with host Tony Harris explaining some of its background.

He explains that the clip was captured on July 16, 2021, when a group of scientists was on a week-long expedition near the island.

«Shortly before 4am, one of their motion detection cameras in night vision captured this,» he said, showing a still of a video.

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The photo shows a foggy night, with the upper right-hand corner showing a clear patch of sky.

Upon closer look, it appears like there are various lights huddled together.

«Researchers don’t think they’re mere stars,» said Harris.

Matthew Szydagis, one of the researchers investigating the phenomenon, calls the still «very strange.»

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He explains that the timestamp of the video matches a recording of high energy levels of radiation, something that has long been linked with UFO activity.

Normal radiation readings report about one or two megaelectron volts.

At the time of the incident, the machine read 43.

Like other UFO sighting examples, it took place in a location associated with anomalous activity.

In 2004, one of the most discussed possible UFO sightings was documented near Catalina Island.

Journalists and researchers posed the idea that there could be a wormhole near the island, explaining why there have been UFO sightings in the area.

Dr. Michio Kaku, a Theoretical Physics professor, argues that the sighting could be a gateway to parallel universes.

He theorizes that the cluster of lights could belong to a different universe.

«But there should be side effects,» he said, claiming that in the tape there are no examples of this.

He also suggests that what we’re viewing in the image is a fallstreak, a phenomenon that forms these sights when water in the clouds suddenly freezes or evaporates.

These usually occur when a plane flies by a part of the sky.

Szydagis says that they considered the possibility of this being an explanation, but they checked Department of Transportation records and there were no planes in that location.

He also says that it’s very unlikely for the camera to have glitched.

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«We find no evidence of a camera glitch in the entire week of the expedition,» he said.

For the time being, the question remains unsolved.

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