Local author who experienced his own UFO/UAP in Walsall, aiming to put small hometown on the world map


Published September 20, 2023

Wayne M. Bailey, a new author from Walsall in the West Midlands, UK set out one year ago this month, with the intention of putting the West Midlands in the hands of readers around the world.

Following a UFO sighting in his youth, and then learning about his late father’s UFO sighting a mere two streets away from his own, debut author Wayne M. Bailey spent three years researching and working on his own brand of science fiction writing.

His debut novel – The Mars Migration, partially set in his hometown of Willenhall, and other areas around the Midlands, even features a sample of locals speaking in a Black Country accent with each other.  

The book follows the events of two young people, one of which is from Willenhall, where a mysterious object arrives from space, landing in the grounds of a local school, and pausing time over the whole region in central England. The whole West Midlands is caught up in a time-freezing prison, whereas the young unaffected characters are taken off world and kept prisoner by a futuristic race of people living inside a Black hole.  

Hoping that his book would be read worldwide, Wayne – a Stephen King fan, used real locations in and around the West Midlands to highlight his relatable, old-feel town nestled in between Walsall and Wolverhampton.

So far, in its first year of release, Wayne has sold hundreds of books worldwide. Boasting sales in the UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, France, Italy, Japan and Australia. Over ten thousand pages have been read by Amazon’s Kindles Unlimited subscribers.

The book has been nominated in the Arthur C Clarke awards for Science fiction, and also in the SPSFC (Self published science fiction competition 2023)

One review for the book states – “It is a really fun and engaging science-fiction novel and a great debut. The book has two likeable lead characters in Amber and Daniel, a plot which has excellent world-building and I really like the blend of what we know about Mars and science-fiction to create a believable world. The story also has many twists and turns and tips a hat to a variety of sci-fi movies and TV shows, from the timeline-bending of Doctor Who, to Stephen King’s Under the Dome. I would definitely recommend giving this story a try.”

The book is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle format, as well as any local bookshop to you, able to order the book in.

You can read more about Wayne and his UFO sighting on his website, at www.marsmigration.com


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